actor, producer, hug machine
Jennifer Losi

Hi, I'm Jen.

I play offbeat ingenues, overwhelmed assistants, and bratty daughters. I'm either the smart one that no one listens to or the oblivious comedic dunce.

I recently closed I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change as Woman 1, and the Dreamworks/ASCAP workshop showing of City of Light.

I'm the voice of Tails for the Sonic the Hedgehog fan projects on DucEvolution's YouTube channel, as well as the spaceship in the iOS shoot 'em up Alpha Zero.

In real life, I'm a sometime video game producer with a degree in theatre and comparative literature from Washington Universtiy in St. Louis.

Dream roles include Laura Wingfield, Kate Monster, Jerusha Abbott, and any character in a Blizzard game.